The skateboard has a solid and stiff mini-deck, which is around 22 inches and constructed out of 100% plastic material. Such deck is very lightweight. It is only four pounds but you have an assurance that it can handle up to 198 lbs. of weight. You will also fall in love with the board as it comes in 23 graphics and colors, so picking a favorite is much easier.
One feature of the Inboard M1 to be aware of is its deck. Unlike Boosted, which has a flexible bamboo deck, similar to your typical non-electric longboard, the Inboard M1 has a much stiffer deck made from wood core composite. While the stiffness won’t give you that loose longboard feel, it’s much safer for traveling at high speeds, as you won’t get the wobbles.

In our Online Skateshop, you can create your dream skate set-up with top skateboard deck brands such as Powell-Peralta, Trap, Mini-Logo, MOB, Element, Toy Machine, Foundation, Stereo, Palace, Polar Skate Co, Welcome, and many more. We supply skateboard trucks from brands such as Independent, Thunder, Venture, Ace, Theeve and skateboard wheels from Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Pig Wheels and more in any hardness or wheel shape you could desire. If you’re in a hurry to skate, check out our wide selection of complete skateboards.

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Skateboards can be bought online and in your local stores.  However, choosing a good skateboard can be challenging.  If you are a beginner there are a lot of things that you have to consider.  Aside from the cost, you should also check the entire board such as the wheels, the deck, the trucks, and others.  Here, we have compiled the best skateboards for sale that you can choose from right now.
Here’s a good Longboard that’s popular with both professionals and amateurs. 7-layers of hard rock maple make it durable, and SCSK8 Abec-9 red bearings give it precision. 70mm PU wheels are high bounce and flat-spot resistance. Add pro black grip tape and 7″ aluminum trucks to all the above and what you have is a highly functional board built to last with a lot of eye appeal. Function and durability are good, but looks that make other skaters envious never hurts either.
The Powell Golden Dragon 2 Skateboard is an affordable and complete skateboard for the beginners and also for the advanced skaters.  It has high-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels to give you a great roll and grip.  It measures 7.5 inches wide with a colorful screen-printed bottom.  It is made in China and has an average rating of 4.2 on Amazon.
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The Bomb Board is definitely built for the long haul with 9-layers of good maple, ABEC9 bearings, 70mm high rebound wheels, and 7″ aluminum trucks. If you’re thinking of competing or just need a fun way to get around, this Longboard is popular from grammar school kids to senior citizens. With a double drop design you have the safety, control, speed and durability to enjoy every mile you coast on it.
Regardless of the length of these boards, they each have several components in common that include a deck, grip tape, trucks, and wheels. The deck is the actual surface piece of the board on which a rider stands to perform tricks or control their degree of motion. Decks range between seven and ten inches in width and although seven-ply wood is the most common material for them, they can also be crafted out of bamboo, carbon fiber, and even plastic. Decks are shaped in several unique concave designs, which include radial, progressive, W-concave, tub, and asymmetric. Radial concave decks have U-shaped curves and are ideal for beginners, as they provide one's feet with a reliable grip.
Some skateboard shops sell their own cheap skateboards with their shop's logo on the bottom. These work out a lot like blank skateboards; some are poor quality, and some are just fine. Most, though, are really just fine. Skateboard shops don't want to put their shop's name on really bad boards. The trick with shop skateboards is that you have to actually go to a shop to get one instead of ordering online. Some shops sell their boards online, but it's best to go to a shop and ask them about their boards. Ask the same sort of questions you'd ask for blank boards.

Other brands can be purchased that offer between 15-20 miles of range. The 6 miles of range that H.6 offers is awfully small. Regenerative braking that’s included with the board doesn’t seem to help improve the range at all. Quick charging which charges the battery in just 2.5 hours is a nice inclusion. At least you can recharge the battery and get back and going quickly without having to wait hours on end.