The list of five best skateboards for beginners will give you a good idea on how to choose the best skateboard for beginners. You can ask assistance from the professional for the tips and tricks to becoming a pro. A good quality skateboard built for beginners can help you learn to ride a skateboard easily and once you are pro, you can advance to intermediate or pro and purchase skateboard for your level. It is an exciting outdoor sport enjoyed by thousands around the world and can serve as a commuting facility to your school, college or workplace.
Starting off with the design, this thing is made out of maple wood and features a kicktail shape on the back end, ensuring optimal comfort and stability even during the longest of skating sessions. In addition to that, E-GO2 features the regenerative braking system that I mentioned in the introductory chapter. It’s a praiseworthy addition and I’m sure many of you will find it pleasing.

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Typically when looking at different completes you will see size dimensions in the format of ~7-8 x 31-34″.  This measurement is referring to the width and length of the skateboard deck.  Typically all other parts are relatively standard and the deck size is the main thing to look for.  Standard skateboard widths for beginners are between 7.5-8.25 with smaller boards being better for younger and smaller guys.  You don’t really have to worry about length much as long as it’s shaped regularly.  You may hear about the concave of the deck or a special type of board construction, but for the most part, it will not matter much to a beginner.  If you have no idea what size would be best you will never go wrong with a 7.5 or 7.75.

The board also boasts of its reasonably small size and lightweight nature, making it easy to control and ride. In addition, carrying it wherever you want to go is also much easier because of its lightness. It is flexible enough that it can accommodate the needs of different kinds of users, including cruisers, travelers, beginners, expert riders, and kids.
When looking for a skateboard for beginners, the best way to start shopping would be to browse the complete skateboards. You also want to start with a smaller deck, so you can master your footwork and start with basic tricks. It’s best to get out and get a feel for skating while you learn what you like. Everyone remembers his or her first board, so choose wisely!
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Kids’ skateboards come in different sizes and plenty of trendy colours. If you are considering children’s skateboards, check whether the skateboard has a maximum weight limit and make sure you are buying a board within the correct kids’ age range. You may prefer a lightweight board which is compact and easy to carry around, and double check whether the skateboard includes spare parts.
First, you’ll need to consider the size of the skateboard. Most skateboards are about eight inches wide, but if you have very large feet, or you really want to feel very stable as you learn, consider going with something wider. Remember that the wider you go, the harder it is to learn tricks and to go around curves. If you want to rotate your board mid-air during a jump, you need a board that is no wider than eight inches.
Bearings are rated by the ABEC scale (1-9), which has nothing to do with skateboarding. Manufacturers know skaters believe higher ABEC ratings mean faster bearings. They do not, and you won’t find high-quality bearings on off-the-shelf skateboards. Most of these completes are slow. Make a bearing upgrade a top priority. Good bearings can make almost any skateboard fast. This article by longtime pro Anthony Pappalardo gives an insider’s perspective on bearings.
The KPC Pro Skateboard is a unique product by Krown that proves to be the best fit for most skaters. The size of its deck measures 8.0″ x 32″, which goes well with riders that are more expert. In fact, the KPC Series Pro Skateboard is desirable for anyone who is looking for an upgraded version of rookie variants. This Pro skateboard flaunts with a contemporary concave design that provides comfort to the rider while skating.
Here’s a Longboard that’s great for learning on. It features a durable, laminated Maple deck with top quality 8OS grip tape to help you keep your balance. Also featured are ABEC 5 bearings, 70x46mm super high rebound wheels made from urethane for toughness and reverse king pin trucks (245mm axles.) You don’t have to put this one together, just open the box, get outside and enjoy!

Skateboards are awesome gadgets in their own right… but what happens when you upgrade them with a motor is truly magnificent.  Meet electric skateboard, a relatively new type of electric rideables that have taken the market by storm. With their recent gain in popularity, it comes as no surprise that they are among the most popular tech gadgets on Amazon.
Another great pro option, Element is definitely one of the top 3 brands in skateboarding.  This deck is also slightly slimmer than the Enjoi deck above so it would be an even better choice for someone with small feet or who is very young.  This board has an iconic look that will be recongized by most skaters, and it has the quality to last much longer than most other skateboards on the market.
Here’s a good Longboard that’s popular with both professionals and amateurs. 7-layers of hard rock maple make it durable, and SCSK8 Abec-9 red bearings give it precision. 70mm PU wheels are high bounce and flat-spot resistance. Add pro black grip tape and 7″ aluminum trucks to all the above and what you have is a highly functional board built to last with a lot of eye appeal. Function and durability are good, but looks that make other skaters envious never hurts either.

The Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5 comes with thick, sturdy 7-ply maple wood deck. It gives you more control and permits you to perform various tricks. It features carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings, aluminum trucks, bushings and 54mm x 34mm wheels. This board is perfect for kids who are 8 years and older. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.
If what you want out of your first skateboard is something very stable to just get the feel of riding without the danger, the Atom Drop Deck is perfect. This is a longboard, meaning it’s perfect for longer rides and cruising around. The components are made to handle lots of wear and tear, and the low-ride deck makes you feel more in control, closer to the ground, and more stable.
 – it’s important to know what kind of motor setup you have, so you know what to expect from the board. There are two basic types of electric skateboards, belt driven and hub motor design. With hub motor design, motor is placed inside the wheel, while in the belt driven design the motors are outside of the wheel, next to the wheelbase and there’s a belt to transfer RPMs to the wheels. Difference between the two is that hub motors give a cleaner look, and are less prone to breaking down. Belt driven design however usually has bigger motors and can develop more power, but is slightly more prone to breaking down if not done correctly.
Well know for their creative cartoon graphics and high quality deck construction, this Toy Machine complete is another great starting skateboard for beginners.  This deck is slightly larger than 8″ so it would be perfect for adults or people with larger feet who want a more stable ride.  This setup is another good example of a generic parts with a pro quality deck for a very reasonable price.  A great option for a beginner who loves the logo and graphic, but wants to save money on the less important parts until they decide they want to take their skating the to next level.

The Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard includes Abec 7 Skatro Bearings, 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels, and 3-inch lightweight aluminum trucks.  The Skatro Flexy Technology ensures optimal flex on every board. Skatro outperforms most of the leading brands and it has an amazing value.  You can take this board on the subway, plane, train, and even on the bus.  It includes a color matching T-tool.  It has the best rating of 4.8 on Amazon.

Keep in mind that the deck width will also affect the size of the trucks that you use. You’ll need wider trucks to make a wider deck more stable. If you see a wide deck with narrow trucks, you can expect the ride to be wobbly and hard to manage. Pay attention to the bushings on the board as well. If the bushings are very firm, you’ll have a more stable ride, but it also makes it harder to turn. Soft bushings are much more responsive, but you do lose a little bit of stability. If you don’t know if your bushings are firm or soft, you likely have soft bushings, since this is the default.
If you’re a beginner and you want a board that gives you a little of everything to discover, you cannot go wrong with this ENJOI board. You get everything you need, all ready to go out of the box, and made with professional-grade components. The ENJOI also earns points for having that classic cool artwork on the deck that makes it fun to show off at the park.

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The ENJOI line of skateboards is made to professional standards, which means that not only are you getting a durable ride, but you’ll also get a skateboard made to handle a lot of situations. You can ride this board on the street, at the skate park, on trails, and more. These decks are made with a very consistent method that is ideal for trick riding, especially.
Coming to the design of the board, it has a concave deck which is ideal for tricks. Slightly upward folds from front and back end allow the riders to get their feet locked on the board and perform impressive tricks. Wheels are also smaller which keeps the board closer to the ground so you may jump and twist the board easily. Aside from the size of the wheels and trucks, their material is also quite durable and perfectly suitable for performing advance level drills.
The deck formula for this Longboard has been reformulated for more strength and added flex control. It’s going to fly downhill just as easy as it cruises flat areas and with a classic waffle top and granular textural grip, your ride will be a much safer one. Reverse kingpin trucks, a pintail shape and premium Abec 9 v-channel bearings add to the appeal of this board. One ride down the sidewalk is all it takes to convince most people they made the right choice.
Both your height and weight should play an important role when you are choosing a skateboard. You need to find a skateboard, which fits your weight and height. Picking one, which is either too small or too big might only cause you to experience difficulty controlling it, especially if you are still a beginner learning the ins and outs of skateboarding.
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Great option for a beginner who wants a pro deck and doesn’t mind non-pro branded parts.  Enjoi is very well known by skateboarders and the panda logo will be recognized everywhere.  This particular deck is 7.75″ wide which is why I think it’s the best as it can be skater by any size person comfortably.  One slight downside to this setup is that the board comes unassembled, however many skaters enjoy putting together their own skateboards and it can be done in just a few minutes by following a YouTube video.  You won’t go wrong with such a well-respected brand and average size, this is actually the exact skateboard I decided to buy for my nephew a few years ago and he absolutely loved it!
Positiv Skateboards is headed up by Andy Macdonald, and these are basically the exact same boards as Golden Dragons. The team consists of Macdonald, Sandro Dias, Rodney Jones, and Carlos de Andrade. Their mission is to make high-quality skateboards available to skaters of all levels, especially skaters who are looking for a great value on their first skateboard. Positiv skateboards are designed and manufactured by Skate One, a company with decades of experience in building top-quality skateboards. 
The Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard is 22″ Light Up Clear Banana Skateboard.  It is complete with Light Up Board, Wheels, Metal Trucks, ABEC-7 Bearings, and High-Quality Bushings.  The set also includes 6″ Metal Trucks, High-Speed ABEC-7 Bearings, High-Quality Bushings, and Hardware.  It has a unique Textured Waffle Pattern on Deck and designed for Maximum Grip.  The Deck measures about 22 x 6 x 4″.  It has a 6″ Truck Axle and 3″ Truck Hanger.  It requires 2 AAA Batteries and is recommended for skaters who are 6 years old and Up.  It has a 5 rating on Amazon.
The Wonnv Retro Mini Cruiser 22 inch Complete Skateboard is 22″ Light Up Clear Banana Skateboard.  It is complete with Light Up Board, Wheels, Metal Trucks, ABEC-7 Bearings, and High-Quality Bushings.  The set also includes 6″ Metal Trucks, High-Speed ABEC-7 Bearings, High-Quality Bushings, and Hardware.  It has a unique Textured Waffle Pattern on Deck and designed for Maximum Grip.  The Deck measures about 22 x 6 x 4″.  It has a 6″ Truck Axle and 3″ Truck Hanger.  It requires 2 AAA Batteries and is recommended for skaters who are 6 years old and Up.  It has a 5 rating on Amazon.
Playwheels Disney Skateboard For Kids is a 21″ Wood single kicktail deck with painted edges.  It has clear sand spray top grip with color graphic and full-color bottom graphics with a retro shape.  It features multi-colored composite truck and baseplate components with carbon steel axles.  This is great for kids who are starting to learn skating.  It has an average rating of 4.2 on Amazon.