It is mainly because those items are guaranteed to help you familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of using them. They are a big help in making you feel comfortable when you push off with your feet while also balancing on top of the board when riding. It is not good to go for a very technical product, so it’s best to choose the mentioned types first.
The good news is that majority of skate shoes today come with high-quality flat soles that are capable of providing the maximum surface area designed to let you come in contact to the board, thereby promoting better control. Look for a really durable shoe, which you can wear comfortably to guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience when you are skateboarding.
Of course, it would not be here if it was just another cheap knockoff that goes as fast as 5mph. No. Believe it or not, Blitzart Mini Flash goes up to 12 mph (10 Fast electric skateboards list) and has a range of more than 15 miles. This is absolutely ridiculous knowing its price. With this in mind, it is safe to say that it provides the best value for money on this list… by far!
Unfortunately, the market is saturated with a lot of models, some of which are just cheap Chinese knockoffs that perform poorly at best. That’s why, I’ve taken my time and came up with a list of the very best electric skateboard models on the market. With plenty of innovative electric skateboards that feature LEDs, in-wheel motors and even brand new technologies such as regenerative braking, I’m pretty sure this list will prove to be interesting to all of you.
Buying a cheap skateboard doesn't mean that what you'll get is necessarily the lowest quality. The skateboards in this list are affordable but aren't cheaply made. When it comes to skateboards, there can be some pretty harsh consequences if you go for the cheapest board out there. The biggest one is having a board so cheap that it breaks right in the middle of doing something dangerous. The boards listed here are not as high quality as expensive boards, but for casual or new skaters, these less expensive skateboards should work just fine.
Size: When selecting a skateboard for beginner it is important to look for somewhere in 7.5 – 7.75 in width. This is a basic standard size that lots of companies produce and can fit all age skateboarders well. If you want to dig deep you can also look into height in between of 31-34′. Height should not considered much as the standard shape of skateboard apart from the height is quite similar. Getting started is what counts and that’s why it is no point obsessing over height of a skateboard.
Skateboarding is one of the most popular alternative sports around the world, for kids and adults alike. But before you hop on a board and take off, it’s important to choose the right kind of board for you. Most beginners will simply grab the board that they like the looks of, and with the endless array of deck art and styles that exist, that kind of attitude can lead to choosing a board that isn’t right to learn on.
This board is also a very smooth ride, and surprisingly offers plenty of stability as well, which makes it safe for beginners to learn with. Finally, it’s one of the few boards on this list that comes in a huge array of styles and artwork so that you can get the board that suits your style best. If what you want is a board that looks and performs like the boards you see at sporting events, this is the perfect choice. The only downside is that it’s not the most flexible board out there, which could make it a little harder to ease into turns – however, this feature is what makes the board just right for learning tricks on.

There are actually several types of skateboards but the most common ones are the longboard, cruiser, and carve skateboards. A longboard is usually at least 33 inches. It is a great mode of transportation and works well for cruising around. The cruiser also works well as a mode of transportation but many consider it more beneficial as it has a shorter skateboard, which promotes ease in transporting around.

It is a mini-cruiser, which is known for its strength as well as its ability to offer real value for the money you spent. This skateboard can also be expected to deliver an impressive performance – thanks to the Abec 7 skatro bearings used in it. There are also 59-mm urethane wheels and the 3-inch GOLD aluminum trucks that can help smoothen each ride.

Playwheels Disney Skateboard For Kids is a 21″ Wood single kicktail deck with painted edges.  It has clear sand spray top grip with color graphic and full-color bottom graphics with a retro shape.  It features multi-colored composite truck and baseplate components with carbon steel axles.  This is great for kids who are starting to learn skating.  It has an average rating of 4.2 on Amazon.
From cheap skateboards to high end, custom complete skateboard decks, we have boards for riders of every skill level and tax bracket - we get it, we put skateboarding before everything else first. If you can’t always afford a new board, but go through decks like toilet paper, consider a CCS Skateboard - they cost less, but are manufactured in the same factories as other brands we carry. CCS Skateboards are held to the same standards as every skateboard we sell, but we can sell them for less.

 – what I mean with additional treats it’s things that more premium models have started including and spoiling electric skateboarders all over. Things like regenerative braking, so you actually charge the battery when you brake (like in a Tesla). Some boards have replaceable batteries, so you can extend your range with additional battery packs. Boards like Yuneec, Inboard M1 and Boosted have apps for iOS and Android to help you monitor stats and performance. Let’s not forget the LED lights for driving at night, which I already mentioned I think.
POSITIV has begun to gain some serious momentum in the past years.  They released an entire line of team completes in sizes ranging from 7.5-8.0″ at very affordable prices. This specific deck is 7.75″ so it is a comfortable size for all ages and weights.  The great thing about this board is that it includes MiniLogo bearings and other pro brand parts.  The deck also uses a rare waterproof sealant and slide coat to ensure that the deck lasts longer and slides smoother than other skateboards on the market.  The overwhelmingly “positive” (no pun intended) reviews speak for themselves with this skateboard.