Now that you know where to find 10 of the best Skateboards or Longboards on the market, all you have to do is choose between them. They are all worth taking home but some do have a bit more popularity than others. You already know why you need a new board but choosing isn’t always easy. Following are two from the above list that may make your decision easier.
Keep in mind that the deck width will also affect the size of the trucks that you use. You’ll need wider trucks to make a wider deck more stable. If you see a wide deck with narrow trucks, you can expect the ride to be wobbly and hard to manage. Pay attention to the bushings on the board as well. If the bushings are very firm, you’ll have a more stable ride, but it also makes it harder to turn. Soft bushings are much more responsive, but you do lose a little bit of stability. If you don’t know if your bushings are firm or soft, you likely have soft bushings, since this is the default.
Girl skateboards are know for their witty graphics and high quality canadian maple decks. This specific complete features Mike Carroll’s pro deck and it comes fully assembled directly from the manufacturer (Girl).   The reason this is such a great option for beginners is that all parts of this complete are truly pro quality and it’s built to last.  The width is also perfect for all ages and shoe sizes at a moderate 7.8″.  Definitely a great skateboard for beginners if you like the graphic and logo.
Most skateboards average about 28” to 32” in length and are shaped like a popsicle with a slight curve on both ends. If you’re looking to do more tricks, try a board with a steeper concave for more pop. Smaller and lighter wheels can also help the skateboard catch more air. But if you think you’ll do more ramps, the larger wheels offer a bit more stability.
There’s more to a skateboard than trucks, wheels, and a deck. You’ll also find Bones Reds Bearings as well as skateboard and longboard bearings from many other top manufacturers in our shop. We offer the best griptape from MOB, Jessup, and many other brands. Get some skate bushings such as Bones Hardcore Bushings to make sure your trucks steer with precision. We offer kingpins, skate hardware, riser pads/wedges, as well as skate tools. Finally, stay safe with our selection of helmets and protective gear for skateboarding, longboarding, BMX, or snowboarding. Having the right shoes is important in skateboarding, that’s why we have a massive selection from Nike SB, Vans, Emerica, Adidas Skateboarding, Supra and many others. For the ladies, we also have ballerinas, high heels and sandals from Vans, Iron Fist and more. Keep your feet nice and comfy with our wide sock selection from brands such as Stance. In the streetwear sector, we supply you with awesome T-shirts, long-sleeves, jackets, parkas, hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans and sweaters. The girls can find dresses, pants, jeans, chinos, shorts and skirts. Finish your look with the latest caps, hats, beanies, belts, backpacks, bags, headphones, watches and sunglasses from your favorite skate and streetwear brands.
For cruising or carving, the Green Wave features a 5-ply vertically laminated bamboo deck with dropthrough trucks and a wheelbase of 31.50″. Quality wheels feature PDP Abec 5 bearings and if what you’re looking for is flexibility with rigidity, this Longboard has it all. It’s not uncommon to see someone in a suit sidewalk surfing their way to work, and if you look close at the happiest faces they will be on a board like this one cross-stepping and sliding all the way.

There are actually several types of skateboards but the most common ones are the longboard, cruiser, and carve skateboards. A longboard is usually at least 33 inches. It is a great mode of transportation and works well for cruising around. The cruiser also works well as a mode of transportation but many consider it more beneficial as it has a shorter skateboard, which promotes ease in transporting around.
Positiv Skateboards is headed up by Andy Macdonald, and these are basically the exact same boards as Golden Dragons. The team consists of Macdonald, Sandro Dias, Rodney Jones, and Carlos de Andrade. Their mission is to make high-quality skateboards available to skaters of all levels, especially skaters who are looking for a great value on their first skateboard. Positiv skateboards are designed and manufactured by Skate One, a company with decades of experience in building top-quality skateboards. 
This Longboard has way more to offer than impressive Aztec graphics. Its 7 ply hardwood maple deck is built for endurance, and at 10″ by 40″ the Native Spirits’ wide kick tail will add to your vertical experience. Featured are precision ABEC7 bearings, hollow 4mm risers and 70mm PU wheels. This is the kind of board wherever you take it, it will get you noticed and get you there in style.
In our Online Skateshop, you can create your dream skate set-up with top skateboard deck brands such as Powell-Peralta, Trap, Mini-Logo, MOB, Element, Toy Machine, Foundation, Stereo, Palace, Polar Skate Co, Welcome, and many more. We supply skateboard trucks from brands such as Independent, Thunder, Venture, Ace, Theeve and skateboard wheels from Bones Wheels, Spitfire, Pig Wheels and more in any hardness or wheel shape you could desire. If you’re in a hurry to skate, check out our wide selection of complete skateboards.
The following online stores and shops include top of the line skateboards, from CCS to independent skate brands. The best skate shops include skate, snow and streetwear products including boards, shoes, clothing, and more. These shops vary in their specialties on each coast, perks like free shipping and no tax, competitive prices, and good customer service.

The Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5 comes with thick, sturdy 7-ply maple wood deck. It gives you more control and permits you to perform various tricks. It features carbon steel ABEC-3 bearings, aluminum trucks, bushings and 54mm x 34mm wheels. This board is perfect for kids who are 8 years and older. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.